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The Slack Redesign: Is The Hype Real?

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Slack has completely changed the way offices communicate. It’s a professional instant messenger that allows collaboration within your office. We use it here at Avahi to keep everybody on the same page when working on projects. The company was launched in 2013 and just got a rebrand by the legendary Pentagram this week. As always, the general public has not been very accepting of this new logo. What does this mean for Slack?

Why Do People Hate Change?

We see this all of the time. A large company re-brands and everybody says that it’s the worst thing they have ever done. Twitter users tear the logo apart and for the next two days they are all over the news because of this “horrendous” design choice. It makes you wonder why any company would ever re-brand. Why risk alienating your customers? The truth is: people hate change. It doesn’t matter if you are changing something for the better, change is scary. In 2019, there is also a lot of tension and everybody is looking for a way to release some of that energy and stress. It’s a new topic that you can bring up at the watercooler. And since the hatred of the new logo comes from our innate hatred of change, just about everybody can agree that it was a bad change.

Why Rebrand in the First Place?

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Slack is growing up. They have an IPO coming up soon and it was time for a refresh. They hadn’t changed their design since 2013, and it was starting to look a little juvenile. They are no longer a small software company, and they need their design to match. They got the legendary design studio, Pentagram, to help with the re-design and they did a great job. Pentagram wrote a post explaining some of the reasoning behind the design they chose. You read that here: .

What Are Your Thoughts on the Rebrand?

Like I said above, Pentagram did an amazing job. Like any re-design it will take some time to get used to. I was a fan of the old design, but I can see why they wanted to change it. Slack also said that it was hard to use their old logo because it had 11 different colors and it always had to be at an 18 degree angle. They also couldn’t use it on any color but white. With all of this in mind, I think it was a smart decision. The new logo is still memorable. They have some awesome assets that they can use with the new logo. And above all, it’s versatile. You can put it on different backgrounds and use it on different interfaces while still keeping a consistent brand.

Should I Rebrand?

There are a lot of different reasons to take on a rebrand. Rebranding is chance to shake everything up and start fresh. If you feel like your brand is getting stale, or you are looking to expand then that is a great time to rebrand and get a new look. There might be some growth pains, where customers don’t recognize your new logo, but a great designer can help you work through that. If you have never had a designer create a full brand package for you then it is even more important to get a rebrand. Branding isn’t just about being pretty. It really does create value for your company. If you are in a competitive field, that might be the only thing that makes you stick out from the other companies.

For example, HVAC repair is a very competitive field. There are companies everywhere, and they have large vans with their name plastered across the side. How many HVAC companies can you name though? Probably only one or two, because their brand stands out. When you have a repair that needs to be made, you might look around for the cheapest option, but more than likely you will call the first company you can think of to get a quote. Having a strong brand can set you apart and make you memorable.